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NordiQC Assessment-PR mAb clone C4D10


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Celnovte Biotechnology Progesterone receptor (PR)-mAb clone C4D10 has  got evaluation of the technical performance and level of analytical sensitivity and specificity of IHC tests performed by the NordiQC participants for demonstration of Progesterone receptor (PR) expression in breast carcinomas. IHC, based on the mAb clones 16 and PgR1294, performed in a NordiQC reference laboratory served as reference standard methods and were used to identify breast carcinomas with the dynamic, diagnostic and critical relevant expression levels of PR. The obtained score in NordiQC is indicative of the performance of the IHC tests, but due to the limited number and composition of samples internal validation and extended quality control (e.g. regularly measurement of PR results) is needed.

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